Lozier, Inc. is a Grandfather Licensed Engineering Firm that has been practicing Professional Engineering in the State of New York since December 11, 1925. It was acquired by UASA in 2017 from AECOM.

Lozier is very responsive and quality focused. Our utmost focus on quality and safety has earned a good reputation for us in the Construction Industry. Recently we have added an environmental division to support our clients. We are also in the process of developing a material testing lab of our own. 

Currently our firm employs 18 Engineers, Construction Managers and Special Inspectors under the leadership of our CEO Mansoor Khan, P.E. Our Construction Managers, Safety Professionals, and Special Inspectors are experts in their field of practice. Our Office Engineers have expertise with MURK, SITE Manager and EBO. Our Community Liaison has worked in most boroughs of New York City and has a good knowledge of neighborhoods, business leaders, community boards and politicians in the area. Our Special Inspectors are certified as Master of Special Inspection by ICC. Some of our clients include PSEG, NYCDDC, NYCHA and NYC Parks.

We have developed a Comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan and effective Environmental Health and Safety Plan that guides us through. Our CEO Mansoor Khan has also developed a comprehensive policy on Ethics and Integrity. Every employee receives annual training in Ethics and Integrity, Harassment and Discrimination, Team Building and Caring for others.

Lozier is looking to have a 50/50 balance among our private and public clients. Our promise to our clients is as follows:

  1. When our team is assigned to your project you are our client #1 until your project is completed to your satisfaction.
  2. Our firm has a contingency plan for unexpected events e.g. Sandy, 9/11, Covid-19, protests, to avoid panic.
  3. We stand by our staff credentials because we verify every detail e.g. education, license, certification, background, license/certificate expiration dates, etc.